How to Apply for Enrollment

Thank you for considering applying to Académie Lafayette. We hope the following information will be helpful as you make your decision.

Kindergarten–1st grade applications

The New Student Application for 2017–18 is now available. The deadline for applying is Friday, February 24, at 4:00 p.m. Applications received after this date will be added to the end of the waiting list.

Académie Lafayette Application (K–1)
This application allows you to apply to kindergarten and 1st grade at Académie Lafayette.

Common Application
This application allows you to apply for Académie Lafayette plus the following KC Charter Schools with one application:

  • Académie Lafayette
  • Academy for Integrated Arts
  • Brookside Charter School
  • Citizens of the World — Kansas City
  • Genesis
  • KIPP Endeavor Academy.

(Note: Not all schools have the same enrollment requirements. Please visit school websites or contact them directly to get more information on each school.)

To learn more about public schools in Kansas City, check out Show Me KC Schools.

2nd–8th grade applications

Since we are a full French immersion school, all subjects in grades 2–8 are taught completely in French. Therefore, students attending grades 2–8 are expected to be fluent in French. If you have questions about applying for 2nd–8th grade, please contact Leslie Kohlmeyer at 816.606.1646.

Academie Lafayette Application (2–8)
Applications for 2nd–8th grade must be received with our paper application using the link above. The application must be delivered in person to the Cherry campus: 3421 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64109.

Learn about our school

Académie Lafayette is a charter public school serving children, grades K–8, who live in the Kansas City Public School District. Our school uses a full language immersion curriculum with all subjects taught in the target language, French.

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NONDISCRIMINATION STATEMENT: Académie Lafayette does not and will not discriminate, or in any way prefer any student over another student based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, national origin, disability, income level, proficiency in English or athletic ability.
 (RSMO 160.410 (3)) For questions about this process, please call 816.888.7400.